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Black Boy

Sunshine's Litter
Micro Teddybear Goldendoodle

Meet Black Boy: A Patchwork of Love and Playfulness!

Step into the world of Black Boy, a standout member of Sunshine’s newest litter with his striking red and white Parti coat, accentuated by a pronounced mask and playful red ears. Born on January 25, 2024, to our beloved Sunshine and the dashing Niko, Black Boy is a vibrant testament to the Mini Goldendoodle’s loving nature and spirited charm. With his unique markings and infectious enthusiasm for life, he is ready to spread joy and laughter in his new forever home. Weighing in at a robust four pounds, six ounces at just nine weeks old, he promises to grow into a sturdy companion, expected to reach around twenty pounds. Black Boy's affectionate demeanor, coupled with his zest for walks and friendly interactions, makes him the perfect addition to any family looking for a puppy that embodies the essence of fun and companionship. Get ready to fall in love with every playful leap and tender nuzzle from our adorable Black Boy.