About Codi Goldendoodles LLC – Your Trusted Family-Operated Goldendoodle Breeder

About Us

At Codi Goldendoodles LLC, we believe each puppy is not just a pet - it’s a member of our family. Our philosophy of raising puppies revolves around love, care, and an unwavering commitment to providing a safe, nurturing environment for our little canine fellows.

Every Journey Begins at Home:

The first eight weeks in a puppy's life are crucial to its development, and we ensure our puppies immerse in an atmosphere that is as homely as possible. During this significant period, we raise the puppies not in confining kennels but in a homely environment that fosters positive interactions and valuable learning experiences. Our puppies are showered with attention, love, and care, which we believe helps them develop strong emotional intelligence and makes the transition to their new homes easier.

A Loving Touch:

Our hands-on approach involves a lot of direct human contact. We train our puppies to indulge in positive interactions with humans, which involves ample handling and petting. We firmly believe that dogs are social creatures that thrive in the presence of people. Fostering early exposure to humans allows the puppies to be highly adept in dealing with people, making these puppies excellent companions for children and adults alike.

An Emphasis on Training:

In line with this, we advocate crate training for a brief period when they're young. This training helps puppies learn the basic behavioral norms, like not being destructive and not peeing or pooping indoors. Once these basic norms are understood, we encourage providing the puppies with ample freedom for them to experience and learn from their environment organically.

A Special Care in Breeding:

Our breeding philosophy leans heavily on excellence and quality. We have a very meticulous breeding process that allows only the healthiest and well-tempered dogs to breed. We maintain a high standard of health and temperament when selecting our stud dogs for breeding to ensure every puppy not only looks great but also possesses a robust constitution and a wonderful temperament.

At the heart of our business is a deep respect and love for each of our Goldendoodles. We help guide their development from birth, ensuring they grow in an environment filled with love, guidance, nurturance, and care. We are immensely proud of our puppies' unique personalities, friendly manner, and above all, their adaptability to become an essential part of any family.