Meet the Moms of Codi Goldendoodles: Breeding Quality Puppies in Eugene, Oregon

Our Moms


An Apricot Beauty Embarking on Her Maternal Journey

With a heritage rooted in the much-cherished breed of Goldendoodles, Nakima embodies love and beauty wrapped in a non-shedding, delightfully curly apricot coat. Her manageable weight of 19 pounds allows her both the agility and the endearing stature that highlight the popularity of the breed.

Recently embraced motherhood and Nakima is already showing a natural affinity towards her nurturing role. Her first litter, an exceptional blend of five F1BB Micro Goldendoodle puppies, is a testament to our dedicated breeding practices, their impressive DNA test results reflecting strong genetic lineage. Nakima serves as a brilliant introduction to our Goldendoodle breeding goals in her debut as a devoted mother.


A Golden Ray of Motherhood with Apricot Tinge

Sunshine, an apricot and white hued Miniature Goldendoodle, is another cherished mother of vibrant pups in our pack. Weighing in at around 19 pounds, Sunshine strikes the perfect balance of athleticism and compactness, making her an ideal Goldendoodle archetype.

Her inherent kind nature and caring disposition have gracefully transferred into her role as a mother. Already she has brought seven beautiful pups into the world, each one bearing testament to Sunshine's strong, healthy gene pool. Her ability to care for and nurture her offspring with love and dedication solidifies her importance in our exceptional breeding program here at Codi Goldendoodles LLC.