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Brown Boy

Sunshine's Litter
Micro Teddybear Goldendoodle

Meet Sunshine's Brown Boy, a pup with a thick, wavy coat that boasts a dual hue of white and dark apricot. His captivating eyes are beautifully framed by apricot highlights and complimented by warm apricot patches on his ears and back. His distinctive feature is his alluring black nose that contrasts against his mainly white body. On September 4th, this charming pup weighed a hearty 5.5 pounds, predicting to mature into an adult weight of approximately 20 pounds.

Brown Boy is not only a visual delight – he brings warmth to every interaction. He is highly observant and delights in spending quality time in the company of humans, showcasing an endearing affection for those who hold him close. His receptive nature ensures he can quickly adapt to suggestions, making him a delight to train. With a temperament that blends the perfect mix between fun-loving play and much-needed chill times, Brown Boy is truly an exemplary choice for individuals and families looking for a well-balanced and affectionate companion.

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