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Carlee's Litter Overview

Carlee, our standard cream Goldendoodle, has a litter of nine creamy apricot Miniature Goldendoodles. They were born on July 9th, and are thriving and healthy. The father is Teddy, a light apricot Miniature Poodle who lives in Beaverton, Oregon. Teddy weighs fourteen pounds. Although Carlee is a Standard Goldendoodle, she is on the small end of the spectrum, and weighs fifty-five pounds. We chose Teddy for his laid-back and people-loving personality. Carlee is kind and fun-loving, and is a very nurturing mother.

About Carlee's Litter

Known fondly by their collar colors until adoption, these puppies ensure diversity not just in their appearance, but also in their temperaments.

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