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Sunshine Litter Overview

We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to Sunshine's litter, clearly demonstrating the value of blending top-class pedigree and nurturing. Gracing our world on June 23rd, 2023, these seven enchanting puppies, comprising one female and six males, display the heart-melting charm of their parents; Sunshine, a loving and graceful 19-pound apricot and white miniature Goldendoodle belonging to Anthony, mated with an charming red Miniature Poodle weighing around 14 pounds, known as Koda, originating from Tacoma, Washington.

Each puppy's unique personality traits and physical appearances present a delightful mosaic of options equally brimming with love, intelligence, and joy. Sunshine's litter pledges puppies that will be a unique blend of obedience, vigor, humor, and loyalty for their future families, well-suited for leisurely nap times and thrilling playtimes, becoming cherished companions and the new burst of Sunshine in your life.

About Sunshine's Litter

Known fondly by their collar colors until adoption, these puppies ensure diversity not just in their appearance, but also in their temperaments.

Sunshine's Puppies Available!