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Red Boy

Sunshine's Litter
Micro Teddybear Goldendoodle

Red Boy, our mirthful little Goldendoodle from Sunshine’s litter, is a compact bundle of joy. His light red tuxedo coat, adorned with tasteful creamy and white markings, gives him an adorable and distinctive appearance. These distinguishing features include a slight white patch on his head, a blaze on his chest and belly, four white paws, a white tail tip, and an endearing black nose. His fluffy coat, which we anticipate will mature into a wavy-curly texture as he grows, adds to his irresistible charm.

Our Red Boy, a sheer delight to have around, has a rollicking character with a peaceful edge. He seamlessly fits into his sibling crowd, always finding himself in the midst of playful doggy uproariousness as well as pacifying nap times. Playful yet non-domineering, Red boy loves to mix and mingle with his siblings while equally cherishing moments of quality cuddling time with his human playmates. He's a balanced soul, who would make a perfect addition to any home seeking the charm of an adorable, active, and affectionate miniature Goldendoodle.

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