About Anthony Ainsworth - Co-Founder and Digital Strategist at Codi Goldendoodles


Anthony B Holden

Tech Support, Guardian Home

Leading a trail in the tech arena and an established entrepreneur, Anthony B Holden superbly applies his broad business expertise to raise our Goldendoodle dog breeding venture to an esteemed and highly desired pursuit. Possessing over two decades of expertise in kickstarting prosperous startups, Anthony's co-founding our breeding business was propelled by his ardor for animal wellbeing and his aspiration to merge it with his talent for commerce.

Anthony's role in our venture took root two years ago with his mother Julia's move to Eugene. Identifying the potential of the business, he employed his expansive experience in steering digital campaigns, manipulating platforms encompassing Facebook, Google, and the local newspaper, the Eugene Register Guard. Thanks to Anthony's guidance, our marketing methodologies have morphed, solidifying our standing within the high-end Goldendoodle puppy market.

Extending beyond his roles in tech and business, Anthony passionately ensures the welfare of our puppies sits at the core of our activities. From their birth, his commitment is vested in their nurturing evolution within a warm and affectionate setting, stimulating their emotional growth and guaranteeing they grow into perfect companions for our discerning customers.

In short, Anthony flawlessly blends his fervor for animal care, proficiency in tech and marketing, and seasoned business mindset to ensure our operation's success.
Beyond his tech and business roles, Anthony ardently ensures that the wellbeing of our puppies is at the heart of our operations. From their birth, he is invested in their nurturing growth in a homely and loving atmosphere, fostering their emotional development and ensuring they become perfect companions for our discerning clientele.

In essence, Anthony seamlessly amalgamates his passion for animal welfare, skill in tech and marketing, and experienced business mind to ensure