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Gray Boy

Sunshine's Litter
Micro Teddybear Goldendoodle

Meet our charming Gray Boy! He is a delightful Red Tuxedo Goldendoodle, excelling in both looks and personality. His fluffy coat, which will transition into a wavy texture as he matures, is a standout feature, gracing him with an adorable appearance. Contrasting with his red coat, he has a patch of creamy white on his nose, and his chin and chest are also adorned with white fur, setting off a striking look. His two back paws and little white tail tip also add to his unique charm. Don't let his nose escape your notice - it's a lovely shade of black, complementing his overall look.

Gray Boy was a mere 3.75 pounds as of September 4th and we expect him to grow to somewhere between 14 to 17 pounds as an adult. The world is a fascinating place to him and he is always keen to explore; however, what truly warms his heart is human interaction. He is a laid-back puppy, blessed with a very affectionate nature, and he cherishes every moment of love and attention lavished on him by people.

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